The One Belt One Road

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1.2 Topic source, research objective and significance The ONE BELT ONE ROAD is a comprehensive initiative for regional partnership between PRC and its western and southern neighbors. It’salso an crucial measure to consolidate the achievements of PRC’s neighborhood diplomacy, to coordinate the expansion of its partnerships with various neighbors and to makea more favorable global environment for PRC’s rejuvenation. Energy and supply are not only the blood for expansion, but the guarantee for safety. Strategic safety is the core concern, while energy and supply are just its carrier. 1. Giving long-term impetus to the construction of ONE BELT ONE ROAD Promoting energy and supply partnership amidst the countries within the ONE BELT ONE ROAD…show more content…
Moreover, energy and supply partnership is strategic in nature. Closer partnership in such aspects as traditional energy, new energy, uranium, metals, energy transportation, water conservancy, and power generation has the potential of spilling over to other fields of economy and society, so as to promote “Five Connections” and enhance strategic mutual trust. It helps to achieve PRC’s strategic objectives in its neighborhood, breaking the containment and safeguarding national safety. It can also promote PRC’s bilateral relations with countries in the region and the emergence of a community of shared destiny. 3. Helping to maintain peace and safety in the ONE BELT ONE ROAD region The interdependence in energy and supply fields and its radiation effects can be the “stabilizer” of the region. Some countries in the region are very weak in economic and social expansion, and energy and supply partnership plays a huge role in revitalizing economy and developing social undertakings in these countries. It’salso positive in maintaining political stability in the region. In addition, some neighboring countries still have doubts over PRC’s fast expansion, and energy and supply partnership has offered a great platform for PRC to practice its new diplomatic concept of “amity, sincerity, mutual benefit and inclusiveness” and
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