The One Minute Manager, By Blanchard & Johnson

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The One Minute Manager, by Blanchard & Johnson, explains how managers can get exceptional results from their employees while spending little time actively managing them. Three key techniques are introduced and used to teach leaders how to manage effectively with less stress and in less time. The manager learns how to develop one-minute goals, how to communicate one-minute praisings, and how to issue one-minute reprimands. In using these techniques, leaders will learn how to increase organizational productivity, increase job satisfaction, and pursue personal success. Although the “One Minute Manager” does not teach you how to handle every situation, it does teach you three simple techniques that anyone can learn and apply to every other aspect of life. By the end of 'The One Minute Manager, ' readers will have learned how to improve their communication within the context of a partnership, which is what managing is, a partnership with their employees. Managers who care about their employees’ welfare will inspire them to perform at a higher level with enthusiasm.
To begin, the young man had found that there are three different kinds of managers: An Autocratic manager, a Democratic manager, and an Effective manager. Autocratic managers were those you “kept on top of the situation,” they were “bottom-line managers, hard noses, realistic, and profit-minded” (Blanchard & Johnson, 1981, p. 13). Superiors thought they were good managers, however many subordinates would…
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