The One Minute Manager By Kenneth Blanchard And Spencer Johnson

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In their classic book The One Minute Manager, Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson argue for a method of management that allows “‘both the organization and the people [to] profit’” (15). Blanchard and Johnson use a brief didactic story to present their management style as an alternative to the democratic and autocratic leadership styles identified by psychologist Kurt Lewin in the 1930s (“Kurt Lewin”). The democratic manager cares about people, putting productivity second, while the autocratic manager who is caring about productivity and putting people second. However, according to Blanchard and Johnson, a good manager must care about both “‘people and results. They go hand in hand’” (18). The authors argue that this style of management can be straightforward and efficient, so they refer to their management style as one-minute management. Throughout the book, they talk about how a manager can balance the values of people and productivity using three tools. These tools include: one-minute goal setting, one-minute praising, and one-minute reprimands.
The book describes the first tool as a means to balance people and results. Whereas the second and third tools help to evaluate success and encourage improvement. First, the authors describe the value of one-minute goal setting. Effective managers, they insist, set clear objectives for their employees and determine how to measure success. According to Blanchard and Johnson, good managers focus on a handful of key objectives…
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