The One Minute Manager Is A Book By Kenneth Blanchard And Spencer Johnson

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Book Review 2 The One Minute Manager By Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson The One Minute Manager is a book by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson that focuses on simple principles that might help manager to better manage their staff. It elaborates on use of simple one minute techniques that make the job of managing people very efficient. Summary – The book starts off with a young man who is looking for the perfect manager. He has visited many companies, big and small, in search of such a manager. He also travels to many countries to see differences in managing techniques used at different locations. He however does not find a single manager who he thinks has a perfect technique. While some are result oriented, they are not people…show more content…
The man goes ahead and meets the staff members and learns the following three secrets that take only a minute to implement. One Minute Goal Setting: It is seen many times that managers and employees are not on the same page when it comes to defining the roles of the employee. One minute goal setting focuses on setting clear goals for employees so there is no ambiguity regarding what he or she is supposed to do. This enables the manager to hold them accountable about their performance when they perform their duties. One Minute Praising: A lot of managers focus on what the employee is doing wrong instead of what he is doing right. One minute praising focuses on catching the right things that an employee does and praising him for that. This makes sure that the employee knows that his good performance is getting noticed and encourages him to do his job better. One Minute Reprimands: It is important to praise an employee when he does a good job. However, it is also important to give him an immediate feedback when he makes a mistake. One minute reprimand focuses on reprimanding an employee in a brief but effective way to make sure that he knows what mistake he has committed. It is important to do this as soon as the manager gets to know about the mistake so the employee does not repeat the mistake. It is also important to reprimand him about the mistake only and not the employee as a person. At the end of his research, the One Minute
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