The One Minute Manager Is A Book By Kenneth Blanchard And Spencer Johnson

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Book Review 2 The One Minute Manager By Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson The One Minute Manager is a book by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson that focuses on simple principles that might help manager to better manage their staff. It elaborates on use of simple one minute techniques that make the job of managing people very efficient. Summary – The book starts off with a young man who is looking for the perfect manager. He has visited many companies, big and small, in search of such a manager. He also travels to many countries to see differences in managing techniques used at different locations. He however does not find a single manager who he thinks has a perfect technique. While some are result oriented, they are not people friendly and while some are people friendly, they are not able to get great results. One fine day he hears about a manager in a small town who is very popular and a lot of people want to work with him. He decides to visit the company and meet this manager. He contacts the secretary for an appointment and is told he can come any time except Wednesday morning. He is surprised as he thought such an effective manager would be quite busy. The young man, upon meeting this manager, asks him what kind of a manager he is. He gets an answer saying he is a ‘One Minute Manager’. He also tells him that there are three secrets to his managing technique that allow him to manage effectively. Instead of telling the three secrets himself, he asks the young
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