The One Minute Manager Report

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The One Minute Manager Report The Main Points: After reading the one minute manager I found one clear point: Time is valuable and should not be wasted especially if the information is not communicated well. The Minute Manager used three basic strategies to accomplish this: One minute goals, one minute praising, and one minute reprimands. Section One Description: The Story Begins with a journalist who is looking for the best style of management. After searching several places he finds that most managers describe their style as “realistic”, “profit minded”, and “Autocratic”. He finds the “One Minute Manager” and sets up an appointment. The manager tells the Journalist that whatever time was good for him was fine. During the interview it was…show more content…
This all so means that the document must be clear. After this meeting he goes to one of the other manager’s references. This reference claims that the manager comes out every now and then to give a one minute praising. The reference explains that so many companies focus on what employees do wrong when they should focus on what employees do right. The one minute praising is when the manager sees that other workers are doing well and comes out to tell them. It is important to makes a point of contact such as a handshake or a pat on the back. These praising are not actually a minute every time, but they only enough time to let the workers know they are doing a good job. This encourages employees to do good work and makes them feel like their job is important. The journalist goes to the last reference. This reference like the other two scheduled a time at the journalist’s convenience. In this meeting the topic was one minute reprimands. This is where the manager sees a critical error, comes out of his office, and then takes a minute to tell the worker what they did wrong while looking them in the eye. It is important to make known what was done wrong. Then there is an uncomfortable silence and finally the manager says he wants the worker to do better next time and that is the end. Like the one minute
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