The One Who Calls You Is Faithful, And He Will Do It

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“The one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it.” (1 Thessalonians 5:24 NIV). A called person has to build a close relationship with God and live a life different from others. The call requires total surrender, obedience and submission to God and God alone. As a called child of God, I believe our parents know from the time we are born which child is different. God, just as he did with Hannah lends children to the parents. As the child grows and develops the child is given back to God. God can call you at any age he wants. The child is generally at a certain level of maturity where he and she can understand and process information and complete assignments. As you and I both know some children mature faster than others.
Ages of children/people who were called by God:
Samuel-12 years old
David-12-16 years old
Joseph-17 years old
Jeremiah-17 years old
Moses-40 years old
Abraham-75 years old
Most of the men who God called had to live in a tent. A tent according to the dictionary is an abbreviation for tentative which means unsettled. Many of the people God calls have or had unsettling lives and lived in places that were temporary. The original tent was simple and made of cloth and animal skin. It was smooth enough that anyone could set it up. Moses lived in tents and moved from place to place (Exodus 33:7-11).
Such a tent as this was called a Tabernacle. The Tabernacle then was the tent where God was supposed to live among his people, and where the people could meet God.…

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