The One with the Three Parts of Freuds Psyche

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The One with the Three Parts of Freud’s Psyche According to Sigmund Freud, every human has three parts of their personalities. One part is the id: the part of a person that is pleasure driven. It is the part of the personality structure that runs on instinctual desires. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there is superego. Superego is the section of one’s personality that is only concerned with others’ opinions and must have perfect behavior in order to please others. Finally there is ego, the reality of one’s personality. It is what one actually does to try to please both extremes of their personality. Though everyone has parts of each within them, some people have one part of their personality outshine the others. In the tv series “Friends”, directed by Robby Benson, the three parts of the psyche are demonstrated through the three main characters Chandler, Ross and Joey. Joey Tribbiani represents the id, he lives by the pleasure principle and is concerned primarily with immediate gratification. Ross clearly corresponds with the ego and operates on the reality principle. While he certainly likes the same pleasurable things as Joey, he derives his satisfaction through more realistic long term means. Lastly, Chandler completes the set representing the superego. He internalizes cultural norms and expectations which realizes the feeling of guilt or shame. In the episode, “The one with all the Jealousy”, it shows Joey, Chandler, and Ross’s freudian characteristics very
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