The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Personal Response

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"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" a short story, by Ursula K. Le Guin. The story is about a city full of merry and satisfied people, but in order to maintain happiness in the city, they required to imprison one innocent child in a room, and that child has to live miserably. The story is meaningful because it allows you to think critically if you are in that situation. The message of the story is: would you rather let the child to live miserably in order to make the whole city better? or would you free the child but make the whole city live miserably.

The Allegory of the Cave is from Plato’s work, The Republic. We used to read it in one of our classes at Arkansas Governor’s School. We enjoyed discussing it how it was very philosophical
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I always admire the life of Frederick Douglass. His life is very inspirational for many people. I liked how he became from being a slave to one of the most respected and well-known abolitionist leader and a writer.

The Great Gatsby* is my favorite novel that we read in our school. I enjoyed how Jay Gatsby’s success was inspired and dedicated to his lover, Daisy. I also liked how gatsby doesn’t lose any hope in his life in order to be with Daisy

Book 3
In Cold Blood* is a crime novel that was written by Truman Capote, I enjoyed the suspense and the accurate detail of the story. It is about a real-life crime about the murder of an innocent family. I liked how the Novel is not about “WHO DID IT?” but instead “HOW DID THEY DO IT?”

Activity 1
I attended the Arkansas Governor's school last summer. we spend about six weeks in there. I was very grateful to be there along with other best and brightest students throughout the state of Arkansas and It impacted me in different ways. For example, It helped me to improve my critical thinking skills and logical skills that I can use for dealing in real life problems.. It also improve my social life, I learned to understand more about the feelings of other people, and it helped me to become more sympathetic to anyone.

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