The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Short Story

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The authors of the short stories, “Once Upon a Time” and “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas”use the literary devices, irony, satire, and tone, to convey their reflections about how one should not be afraid to take action against injustice in society. Irony is evident throughout “Once Upon a Time,” showing the contrast between the real world and fantasy. One instance of this is at the end of the story when the wife hopes that “the cat will take heed” when walking near the new razor-blade coils, and the husband replies, “cats always look before they leap” (Gordimer 6). This comment is ironic because is foreshadows that someone will be harmed, but it will not be the cat. Later on in the story the audience finds out that it was actually the son who was harmed by these precautions, and not the cat or the people they were trying to protect him from. The irony of this situation is an example of how people often bring about their own demise, as shown in this quote when the parents set up many borders to protect their son, but in the end it was the boy who was killed. Additionally, it talks about the appearance of the city after a few months when “[The family] no longer paused to admire this show of roses or that perfect lawn; these were hidden behind an array of different varieties of security fences, walls, and devices” (Gordimer 7). This quote depicts how the citizens lock other people up who may be potentially dangerous. However, due to their fear, they start to lock
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