The Ones Who Walk Away From The Life Of By Ursula Leguin

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In life, we are faced with countless obstacles that we have to decide upon, from asking ourselves what should we eat a healthy but time consuming meal like crab pasta from our favorite restaurant or a very unhealthy quick meal like a steak and cheese from Billy’ . In the story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” by Ursula LeGuin, in a town of a Utopian like living style environment where there are a lot of celebration, peace and happiness among the people in the community. However, with all the positivity of the town there is a lone foremost downcast. A child imprisoned in a room underneath the town, a sacrifice that allows the people to continue to prosper. The people of Omelas are presented with three options every day, either to leave the town, continue on living there or save the child. Edward Wilson and Steven Picker have two different perspective when it comes to morals that can guide in making a decision. They analyze how morals affect our judgments, especially when in a situation like the people of Omelas in deciding what to do. Are morals just the nature of emotions caused by the frontal lobe of the brain, but tend to be vacillated from person to person depending on the circumstances as Picker propose, or are ethics are inherited from our human origins through the evolution over time and not by a higher supremacy like Wilson illustrates. In Omelas, the people in the town are very uplifting, free willed community they “pranced and boasted to one other” (LeGuin
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