The Ongoing Battle Over School Uniforms

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As most of you probably already know, there has been an ongoing battle between school faculty and students for years now debating whether to keep or demolish school uniforms. Most of you are probably already thinking about how much you hate uniforms and how uncomfortable they are and blah blah blah. But I’m sure many of you haven’t taken the time to think of all the great things these uniforms have to offer. They are easier, cheaper, prevent bullying and the list goes on. As a ninth grade student at Royal West Academy, I agree with school uniforms. Today I will present the pros of having a uniform. Uniforms are advantageous in many ways and can benefit, students, parents and school faculty as well. For students, uniforms are beneficial for several reasons. Educators who encourage uniforms believe that they positively contribute to help students' behavior. They believe that when all students are dressed the same, kids are less focused on fashion and more focus on learning. In present times, clothing has become the definitive status symbol for teenagers. With uniforms, there is absolutely no controversy over who has the newest, most expensive clothes in school. By all dressing the same, there is less bullying and less opportunity to get teased for clothes. According to Dr. Reginald Wilson, scholar at an education council, uniforms discourage violence in schools. With uniforms, there is no need to fight over who looks better and no need to exclude people simply because
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