The Ongoing Battle with Making the World Malaria Free Essay

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Although there have been many years of research and planned measurements to control the outbreak of malaria, the realization of a malaria-free world remains an ongoing battle. The widespread of this disease continues to expand to different origins in the world. “An estimated two billion people (more than 40% of the world population) live in areas with malaria risk (MFI).” “The global annual incidence ranges between three to five hundred million clinical cases, with a death toll of between two to three million (Okenu).” “Malaria accounts for 10% of Africa’s disease burden, causing the greatest suffering and impoverishment among poor people, with pregnant women and children under five years of age, being the most vulnerable (Okenu).” This…show more content…
Also, UNICEF works towards the treatment of malaria with the new and highly effective ACTS and by making sure children have immediate treatment after contracting the illness.
Another approach used to help eliminate malaria in Africa is by using ITNs also known as insecticide treated nets which protect by killing or repelling mosquitoes (Jamison). UNICEF explains that, “Sleeping under insecticide treated nets can reduce overall child mortality by 20 per cent.” Not only does it minimize child mortality but if used consistently and correctly, it can save approximately six child lives per year for every one thousand children sleeping under them (Malaria). “The proportion of the population sleeping under an ITN, which represents the population directly protected, was estimated to be 36% in 2013 (Malaria).” Providing ITNs in Africa for everyone has always been an issue but over the last 3 years the results of having ITNS available are succeeding. “By 2011 78 countries worldwide had adopted the policy to provide nets to all persons at risk of malaria (Malaria).” “According to the latest available data, 53% of all households in sub-Saharan Africa own at least one bed net, and 90% of all people who have access to a net use it (Malaria).”
In addition to
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