The Ongoing Debate For And Against Code Switching

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The ongoing debate for and against Code switching is demonstrated by reviewing the papers of Vershawn Young and Rebecca Wheeler. Mr. Young voices his harsh disapproval of code-switching in his paper, “Should Writers Use They Own English? (Young 111)”. This is offset by Rebecca Wheeler’s gently persuasive technical paper explaining her implementation of Code-switching which she titled, “Code-Switch to Teach Standard English (Wheeler 108)”. After re-reading both papers several times, trying to move past the emotion, and return to the point of having a US Standard English, I remain with my personal definition of the purpose of US Standard English as a tool to communicate. Before we delve any further, let me share my understanding of communications. In the communications industry (think Telephone), there is a simple rule, in order for successful communication, the sender speaks their thoughts, which the telephone converts into an electronic signal that travels across a transmission medium, to the receiver’s telephone where the signal is converted back into speech for the receiver to hear. If this process fails at any point, then communications fails. Applying this to written communications, if the sender writes in French and the receiver only speaks Japanese, then communications fails because the receiver could not understand what was written. To overcome this a translator of some form must be engaged to insure that the sender and receiver utilize the same language. Being more…

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