The Ongoing Energy Debate

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The Ongoing Energy Debate As we all know, the energy debate has been ongoing for decades. There is a laundry list of opinions concerning energy use and production. When it comes to oil we are all too aware of the price and demand for what has proven to be the most valued resource on the planet. Advocates of alternate energies insist that the end of oil is nearer than most of us may think, while proponents of petroleum assure us that due to technological advancements there are still large untapped reserves which promise to see us through the next century despite our increasing demand for this black gold. One proponent of alternate energies, James Kunstler, author of "The Long Emergency" outlines the need for an alternative fuel source, but also explains the pit falls of alternate energy sources. The reason oil is such a valued and highly used commodity is because of its efficiency and wide range of uses compared to other energy sources. The truth is that no matter what proponents of alternate energies say, there is no good substitute at this time for oil which is largely the reason we're still using it. Kunstler explains the pitfalls of hydrogen energy, coal and solar. The hydrogen used in fuel cells is largely derived from natural gas resources, coal is less versatile and solar energy is expensive to produce. Considering the cost of oil at the consumer level it seems common sense that if there was a cheaper, comparably efficient substitute we would be jumping at the
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