The Ongoing Mystery of Jack the Ripper

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In the year 1888, an unknown serial murderer killed 5 innocent women in London, England. Nobody was ever convicted of these terrible crimes, and they still go unsolved to this day. There are multiple reasons that the killer, given the name of Jack the Ripper, was never caught. Location, era, and law enforcement were all strong contributing factors. Jack the Ripper is still a mystery due to the environment that made up the East End of London, a lack of modern investigational technologies, and the weak police force in the area. The East End area of London was not an ideal place of residency in 1888. Although it was home to some working middle class citizens, as the rest of London was at the time, the city in which the murders took place, Whitechapel, was composed mostly of slums. As stated by Richard Jones, “a whole section of London society fought a daily battle against poverty and starvation.” Disease, crime, violence, and drunkenness lingered on every street corner. Only 55% of children living here made it past the age of 5 due to starvation and disease (Rumbelow). The area was lacking in available work, and people were unemployed and homeless; many were forced to result to a life of prostitution just to have a place to sleep at night. In 1888, Whitechapel alone was home to more than 1,200 working prostitutes (Rumbelow).
Common lodging houses were popular places to spend the night for poor Whitechapel residents. For four or eight pence, a bed could rented for one
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