The Online Casino Portal Journey

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Blog 5 – From niche to necessity – The online casino portal journey There was once a stigma in the world of casino gaming, a stigma that determined that asking for help was bad. However ridiculous that sounds, it seems that other players legitimately frowned upon those who asked for help. Thankfully, it seems that due to the introduction of online casino portals that stigma is slowly dissolving away. These small sites may not seem like much, but if you are looking to find a new online casino to play at they can provide invaluable help. While online casino portals are reaching new levels of popularity, they haven’t always been lauded so publically. The actual concept has been on quite the journey, with the idea having its roots firmly…show more content…
Online casino players are notoriously opinionated and within online casino forums that became evident, as many used it as vehicle to voice their feelings. Through word of mouth, membership levels at online casino forums would start to grow. Evolving alongside the online casino industry itself, those within it would see the potential of using these forums to their advantage. Arrangements would be made through advertising and affiliate programs that would see online casinos make their presence felt within the forums. However, this created problems as many felt the online casino forums were lost, which prompted the creation on the first ever-online casino portal. Largely doing away with the social aspect of things, online casino portals work to present the clear facts to players. Made for casual players and experienced pros alike, these sites put stats, user opinion, industry opinion, review, and previews front and centre. After a slow start, the concept has seen unrivalled growth and is now considered as an important part of the industry as the online casinos themselves. Restoring truth, honesty, and fact to the industry, it seems that online casino portals have now emerged as the ultimate gambling companion. It has been quite a journey for them to reach this point, but it is now obvious that online casino portals are here and here to stay. Blog 6 – What drives people to participate in the world of online casino gaming?
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