The Online Music World Application

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The Online Music World application is an Online Website. It contain different types of products like POP, FILM, ROCK and CLASSICAL etc. The main purpose of this project is to listening music online in different languages and download songs very easily. The aim of the project is to provide different types of CD’s to purchase. It is designed in such a way that user can listen, download and order in the same place. Users can listen and download music for free of cost.

This website provide different types of music through online and if any of the song users like then they can easily download it and enjoy. Main goal is to provide our customers with excellent audio CDs with least prices. The Online music website is continuously improving, with new and advanced models making it to the market at a yearly rate and this website provide the genuine CD 's and reasonable costs for customer satisfaction.


Systems analysis is a technique that divide a system into small parts for the aim of the learning however well those part components work and move to accomplish their purpose.
This proposed system provide lots of facilities to the users. The website provides different types of audio songs for listening and also they can download it. If the customer needs, our system provides some music CD’s to purchase and they need not go to the store for the music disks. Customers can view the different type of CD’s here. They can…

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