The Online Simulation My Virtual Child

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In the online simulation My Virtual Child, I was responsible in making crucial decisions that impacted how my child developed. Each decision would either negatively or positively impact my child’s future. The decisions ranged from how I, as the parent would react towards my child when they were fussy and crying, to making a decision regarding education. These decisions no matter how slightly small or big played a huge role in my child’s future. My parenting style is shown through the many different decisions I made throughout my child’s development. When making certain decisions I asked myself how I was going to assess the situation. How was I going to make the decision where it would benefit me and my child in the future? I would describe my parenting style as very disciplined, however, laid back during certain situations. When there was a problem I made the decision to address the problem with my child. For example, at 18 months, Leo started saying the word “no” and started to refuse help. I made the decision to let him choose between two choices which are both options that I want him to do. This allowed my child to become an active part in making choices during a certain situation. At three years old, Leo was being pushed around in school and was lacking leadership abilities. I made the decision to arrange play dates with other kids and praised Leo for sharing and communicating appropriately with the other children. During adolescence, Leo’s self-esteem was pretty high,
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