The Only Real Day By Frank Chin

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San Francisco, as a multicultural city, undoubtedly included a large variety of groups of people from all around the world. In English 162 course, we’ve learned a lot about history and culture of the bay area. From the gold rush the outsiders came, to the diversity of the Fillmore, we can see that even people far from the other side of the earth came here for a better life. As for myself, I came from a Chinese culture country, which is surely different from the culture here in America. Besides “The Only Real Day” by Frank Chin really interests me of how the Chinese’s attitude toward this distinct culture, and how they struggled and coined their own lifestyle. Since San Francisco Chinatown is so famous and successful, it gives me an inspiration of comparing the architectures, culture and atmosphere with the Orient. In 1848, the first Chinese came and of course in the nest year participated in the gold rush. Like the Chilean in “Diario de un viaje a California”, Chinese also came here for mining. After, they also established Chinese school and churches and create their own lifestyle. In “The City That Was”, Will Irwin wrote, “The Chinese lived their own lives in their own way and settled their own quarrels with the revolvers of their highbinders”(453). The first time I went to Chinatown was two years ago. I felt very interesting since it was my first time to America, and the atmosphere and scene in Chinatown is very different from downtown San Francisco and here in Pleasant
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