The Only Reason I Asked Is That I Think It'S Neat That

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The only reason I asked is that I think it 's neat that you worked with him on the Christmas film and now you 're both on When Calls the Heart. Yes, Paul 's so wonderful. He 's really a fun guy. He keeps things super light-hearted on set. He 's always telling jokes. And it 's really funny because when we are on the set of A Wish for Christmas, I was mentioning to him that he should ask his agent to get him up for When Calls the Heart. I thought he 's be so perfect on the show. And he was like, "I would love to be on that show, are you kidding?! Set back in time, horses!" And we talked about it jokingly, and the next thing you know, Paul Greene 's on the schedule. I was like, "I just knew it!" I knew that he would perfect in Hope Valley!…show more content…
I forgot that was you!" {laughs} That 's what I love about our community, especially up here in Vancouver. Everyone up here is so connected, and everyone knows one another. Christy is phenomenal. She is doing such great work. She and Lacey are friends. They 've worked together a number of times. I had a blast working with her, Lacey, and Paul. A Wish for Christmas was such a phenomenal movie. I had so much fun! It would be awesome to have you come up some time. You know everybody anyway. I know what you mean. My problem sometimes is that I know the actor and forget their character 's name. Oh, that 's a common problem on set. As an actor on set, you are two names. The crew 's supposed to refer to you by your real name, but then sometimes when you 're really going for it, especially the director, they 'll just call you by your character 's name 'cause they 're thinking in terms of the narrative. So at all times, you respond to two names. Oh, I understand that. It 's mainly with my mother who cannot keep all my actor friends straight. But she does know you as Nurse Faith. Aw, that 's very sweet. You 'll have to give her a big "hello" from me. I definitely will. In fact, I think when we watched A Wish For Christmas, I wasn 't looking right at the screen, and I think she recognized you before I did. Really? Wow! That 's hard to do because we 're all in period
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