The Onset Of A Disability Essay

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Disability The onset of a disability at any stage can greatly affect how one develops through life. According the Newman (2015), “if the conflict of a stage is handled well, a new sense of mastery and competence emerges” (pg. 66). Along with dealing with the predictable psychosocial crisis (generativity vs. stagnation), Sam was facing three unforeseen stressors. These stressors included the loss of employment, his daughter starting her own family, and the untimely tragic death of his son. Due to these stressors, Sam began to suffer from depression. According to Newman (2015), one who is chronically depressed and facing stagnation may lose their will to live. It was evident though the interview, that Sam’s depression impacted his sense of self worth and hopes for the future. If major depression is left untreated as one transition into later adulthood, one may see a further decline in activity engagement. One can also speculate that if the depression continues, it will begin to affect a person’s physical health (Blazer, 2003). One could surmise that Sam was once in a state of generativity as he was the “bread winner” of the household and took an active parenting role with his children. He was actively attaining a level of generativity through his employment and by raising his children. Unfortunately, a series of events derailed Sam’s role and with the onset of depression, he entered a state of stagnation. Sam was forced to retire which made it very difficult…

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