The Onshore And Offshore Petroleum Resource Of Australia

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The purpose is to focus on the issues regarding the onshore and offshore petroleum resource of Australia and the role, which they play regarding the future energy of Australia. The report would discuss all the issue around onshore gas and how onshore gas activity affects the future of energy resource in Australia. Furthermore, the paper would shows the fact and legal issues surrounding the interest which compare with the petroleum activity and how the activity effect the landlord and the environment and significances of the activity on landlord and the environment. Lastly the paper would also discuss the regulatory reform, which should be implemented, on the onshore and offshore petroleum and their function and the reason for
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The commonwealth regulates mineral and petroleum resources activities in Commonwealth offshore jurisdiction while States and Territories are responsible for regulation of onshore mineral and petroleum activates. The jurisdiction over onshore minerals and petroleum is prima facie the accountability of each of the States and Territories. The Constitution to legislate for petroleum resources is not detailed in the Constitution and nor it does jurisdiction over onshore mineral and petroleum resources fall within the strategy of the detailed powers outlined in s 51 of the Constitution.
As the owner of these natural resources the government is accountability to improve the mineral and petroleum resources for the benefit of the State and its citizens . So, whereas the government works regulators of the development of these resources, other side the private companies had undertaken the development of Australia’s minerals and petroleum resource and thus both of them have establish cooperative relationship.
The ownership of the petroleum and minerals resource are the Crown as in Victoria and South Australia all mineral are owned by the Crown, in Queensland, s 8(3) of the Mineral Resources Act 1989 (Qld) confers ownership of gold, coal and other minerals . Private property owners, grantees, lessees or licensees are titled to use any mineral

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