The Open Boat By Stephen Crane

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Throughout time, many literature works of art have shown the common theme of man with the mindset that he is the superior being in control. Around the 1830s, literature took a turn from the romantic view of the world to a more natural take of the universe. One of the better portrayals of this naturalistic view is Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” in which the short story exhibits the lives of four men cast out at sea after their steamer, the Commodore, sank and they were then forced to take refuge in a life boat. This story follows the men through the focalizing viewpoint of the correspondent and descriptively as well as effectively portrays his psychologically changing viewpoints of the ocean and their take on nature as a whole. This short story is a classic representation of naturalism with the extensive use of literary tools such as personification, metaphors, and similes to convey the message that nature is indifferent to mankind and exhibits the steady-changing viewpoint of the correspondent as the story progresses.
While reading this quite descriptive short story, it was incredibly easy to find many literary tools used to present the naturalistic setting in which these four men were trapped and how throughout the story their perception of nature changes. Initially the correspondent uses heavy personification to describe the boat in which the four are riding and the sea on which they struggle to conquer. “Many a man ought to have a bathtub larger than the boar which

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