The Open Boat By Stephen Crane

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In “The Open Boat” by Stephen Crane, four men – a captain, an oiler, a correspondent, and a cook - survive a shipwreck. They maneuver the rough waters in a dinghy, searching for land and signs of life. After they accept that the area around a safe-house they come across is unpopulated, the men also accept the fact that there is a very real chance that they may die. This passage delves into the same thoughts that are rushing through all of their heads, but keeping to themselves. In such a situation, all men think about how this could happen, and why. Alas, they do not have an answer, and that frustrates them. Nature cannot be explained, it simply just is. This passage supports reveals the work’s overall meaning or theme of nature’s indifference towards humans with story elements consistent with Naturalist literature such as the adversity that ordinary people may face, uncontrollable forces deciding man’s fate, and man’s will to triumph against that fate. To begin with, this passage reveals the men’s thoughts and feelings about their situation and nature’s role in it. In addition, the essence of their situation is also revealed. In this passage the men decide that they will need to exchange information with one another in case someone does not survive. This illustrates that they are coming to the realization that their lives are in danger. There is no guarantee that any one of them will live to see another day. The men become angry when they realize that they could

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