The Open Online Courses ( Moocs )

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Many Americans may find the thought of any new type of online education extremely hard to contemplate. That is to say, massive open online courses (MOOCs) offer a variety of classes for anyone that would like to pursue cost-effective online learning. As the MOOCs evolve, everyone will learn to navigate through this new online learning lifestyle. People must begin to examine the different points of view about the future of MOOCs. Karen Head and Thomas Friedman both give a very extensive analysis of their personal experiences with MOOCs. Karen Head has had the pleasure of planning, teaching, and evaluating the MOOCs first hand. Whereas, Thomas Friedman has been studying MOOCs, their effects, and how they will impact education in the future. Compare two educators that clearly are very passionate about teaching. Thomas Friedman and Karen Head have two entirely different points of view when it comes to MOOCs.
To illustrate, Karen Head has some experience with MOOCs. Her article serves as a warning of the first-hand adventure she endured while trying to teach MOOCs. Karen Head describes the three major challenges of teaching MOOC as political, logistical, and safety issues. First, the political issues she had to deal with pertained to the limited information that many of her constituencies advocated about MOOCs. Meaning, many of her colleagues was for this new educational revolution. As a result, she found it hard not to question their motivation or integrity. Karen Head found…

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