The Open Problem Of The Computer Virus Problem

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Abstract— there has been a lot of technological improvement on dealing with known viruses and it has also helped in extending the issue of dealing with unknown viruses. But, however there are still problems related to dealing with viruses for which if we research and find solutions now will help us deal with unknown viruses in the future. In this research paper we are briefly going to discuss the open problems in computer virology and review some of the techniques used to solve these problems. Also, we will try to extend the already present solutions by researching on how we can improvise certain aspects of these solutions to generate more efficient virus recognition and detection techniques. The aim of this research paper is to encourage people to work on the computer virus problem. Keywords—Computer, Virus, Virus Recognition, Anti-virus,Heuristic Analysis, Epidemology. I. INTRODUCTION In the words of Frederick B. Cohen, computer virus as a" program that can infect other programs by modifying them to include a possibly evolved copy of it ' ' [1]. Computer virus spreads from one computer to another by copying itself to an existing executable code. With the infection property, a virus can spread in a computer system or network using the authorizations of everybody, thereby affecting the user 's program. Every program that gets affected may also act as a virus. This belief tells why there are just very less research teams in universities and research organizations that
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