The Opening Chapter Of Fahrenheit 451

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The significance of the opening chapter or intro was to set up a tone and style of the author. The first chapter shows how the story may not be as happy and calm as it may seem. It talks about how cruel the world is and how houses are being burned down because of having books in your home. It was also made to attract the attention of the reader showing that this is different from a fairy tale . This also shows the authors style of imagery because Ray Bradbury is constantly giving extra details making the story a paradox itself because he writes in a way where the story is written as if someone was describing their dream, except the story is opposite from a dream. The opening scene also gives us a background of what may occur in the story because it is an introduction. It introduces the Firemen and what they do.…show more content…
The end also has quotes from others who had read the book, trying to figure out as to what has occurred in the book to show its impact on the readers. Also near the end, Montag remembers a bible verse that he had been pondering on since he met granger and his friends, but the moment the city/ country is destroyed he remembers the verse. It is as if they are restating the whole phoenix theory again, but instead of a rebirth, it is the creation of something after it is destroyed. All of these reason are all also related to the bible or God, maybe trying to state a religious view point such as the the phoenix being Gods way to show rebirth or the bible verse that Montag
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