The Opening Scene In The Movie 'Up'

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Journal 1: Opening scene in the movie "Up" Up is an animated movie, about an old man that wants to fulfill his late wife's dreams of going to the Falls. In an attempt to get there he fills up thousands of balloons with air and attaches them to his house, which carries him across the world.
The opening scene has no talking, but in my opinion it says more then words can say. Uncovering the story behind how he got to this moment in his life. How he falls in love with this girl at young age and how the love story comes to an end. Carl and Elle grow up together going on adventures with each other. Eventually they grow up and fall in love.
There wedding was simple and beautiful. His wife's side in the church was packed of happy, cheering and colorful people. On the other side was his family, all
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While admiring the house and newly painted mailbox they have done together Carl leans on the freshly painted mailbox only to find out he had paint on his hand and has left a huge handprint but Elle fixes it by putting her own hand print beside his. As they set out on a picnic on their special hill, Elle and Carl have a day of watching the clouds roll through the sky, while Carl sees elephants and a baby in the clouds all Elle can visualize is hundreds of babies. Soon enough we get to peak into the though times of their marriage. We find out that Elle isn't able to have children like they have hoped. Trying to cheer Elle up he brings out their adventure book, this reminds Elle of all the memories and goals they have shared together over the years, so they paint a picture of The Falls on the living room wall in
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