The Opening Theme Of Don Juan And Music

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Don Juan is a romantic and passionate hero so opening theme replicates his cheerfulness and prankish humour who seeks true moment of absolute beauty. The melody by oboe, violin, horns, and trumpet narrate the temptation and failures of Juan’s life-project. At last Romantic Weltschmerz strikes him to be fatally wounded. This piece has embraced some elements of rondo or ritornello-like structure, sonata (mm. 197-307), and the multi-movement symphony brought together in a distinctive fusion. An opening masculine theme in E major (bars 1-40) is very bold, forceful and energetic. Bar 60-63 a crescendo from pp to ff by the horns, trombone and tuba and an entry (exact rhythm from bar 1-3) of strings after brief rest is so effective. Romantically, a solo violin enters at third bar of figure D (bar 71) and a transition, and lyrical second theme in B major (bar 90-148). Avoiding nineteenth century’s expositional archetype it drifts towards E minor (bar 148) before dissolving. First theme reappears at figure H (bar 169) and proceeds to G minor (K: bar 197) and subsequently to G major (L: bar 232). While viola, violin cello and bass are intermingled polyphonically, the muted horn descends chromatically.

To suggest the evening liaison, an angelic and tranquil oboe’s beautiful melody floats above all by achieving an octave high jump from D (above middle C). Oboe’s melody repeats at bar 251 but this time 1st and 2nd horns pass descending chromatic to 3rd and 4th horns. This is a good

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