The Opera Case Negotiation

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Business Negotiations Summary of My negotiation from the Opera-case and how I think it was different from other cases The Opera case was a case about relationship and reputation, it made the negotiation a little bit different. We discussed the case in a more open way and were really honest to each other, we also applied many of the things we had learnt from the book and classes. When I compared with other cases I could see how we negotiated in a less stressful way and did focus on the problem and not on positions. And I think we learnt a lot of things for the following cases that ended up more open and with a focus on the problem. My negotiation from the Opera-case and how I think it was different from other cases At first I though…show more content…
Me as the Opera did also think about the reputation of the Opera and what could be fair as it was just a short time left before the first performance. In my opinion I think both parts had power in different ways, even though the power of the Opera was a little bit higher. Sally could have required a higher salary but she did also risk that she would not get any job, and the Opera could had offered her a much lower salary but could also have risked that she did not want the job and in that case they would have had the options of taking the other inexperienced girl or cancel the show. I had in that case a clear bottom-line of what could happened if we did not find a singer but I also had an upper limit of maximum 45 000. That was also my BATNA and I tried to make the best of it, as I did also now what salary we had offered Risingstar and approximately how much we should offer the inexperienced girl is made it a little bit easier to offer a fair salary. I did also know a little bit about the other sides BATNA, I had a feeling about that Sally did not have a job and really wanted the job. It also made me feel that I had more power, but it is hard to be sure about it because the other side can surprise you. As Sally contacted the Opera to see if they wanted help, I see that as a sign that she was willing to discuss this. Of course she could have offered to play the role for no less the a sum of money, but she did not and we could negotiate in a really good way.

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