The Opera Speculative Design Project

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In this document I will evaluate, articulate and communicate my process and accomplishments within the Opera speculative design project. This document will provide context for my designs and practical work evidenced in my journal and blog. In this project I will explore Juxtaposing themes, musical and dramatic styles and characters through research, planning and execution.
We will also construct a set on one of two operas “L’Enfant et les Sortileges” by Maurice Ravel or “Lulu” by Alban Berg. The aims of the speculative project are to create a “stand alone” design that will fit in NO 1 touring theatres that takes account of the orchestra pit and a one day fit up and six-hour strike.
Alongside this we will design costumes for principle and
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After developing themes such as identity and animal behaviour we incorporated those ideas into manikins which would then be presented as a potential puppet idea. Once we had a better understanding of the operas we then selected which opera we would like to do, and what project we would like to design on. I chose to do “Lulu” By Alban Berg as a speculative design as it was the play I understood the most, I also wanted to develop my process and craftsmanship skills.
After researching the play, I created a scene summery and a character list to refer to while designing. I also created a storyboard of scenes of significance which gave me an idea of who was at the location and what was going on. I then started to develop my characters starting with a group drawing, front, back and side drawings and Photoshop final images.
Once I had a clear image of my characters I then started to experiment within my model box for inspiration. Once I had a few ideas I then produced some rough sketches, resulting in a final drawing. I then produced my set on auto cad so I had a good idea of scale and measurements resulting in a final orthographic, side elevation and cutting list. After I had my measurements and rough drawings I then drew out the theatre royal in sketch-up and did a scene by scene breakdown of the opera. With this visual aid I then started my set construction.
When I received the technical drawings of the
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