The Opera Speculative Design Project

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In this document I will evaluate, articulate and communicate my process and accomplishments within the Opera speculative design project. This document will provide context for my designs and practical work evidenced in my journal and blog. In this project I will explore Juxtaposing themes, musical and dramatic styles and characters through research, planning and execution.
We will also construct a set on one of two operas “L’Enfant et les Sortileges” by Maurice Ravel or “Lulu” by Alban Berg. The aims of the speculative project are to create a “stand alone” design that will fit in NO 1 touring theatres that takes account of the orchestra pit and a one day fit up and six-hour strike.
Alongside this we will design costumes for principle and chorus characters producing experiments, drawings and final Photoshop designs. To accompany our set designs, we will produce orthographic and side elevations, using computer aided design and sketch-up visual aids. During the process, we should document with imagery in preparation for self-evaluation.
I will demonstrate an understanding of themes and use of effective communication methods. I will also select appropriate context and language according to the audience and opera. I will use and practise my abilities in drawing, documenting, experimenting and evaluating. I would like to gain more experience using Photoshop and auto CAD to produce the best quality results for my designs.
At the start of the project as a group we listened and…
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