The Operating Budget For The Department Of Parks And Parks

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The Operating Budget for the Department of Parks and Recreations
Leesburg, Virginia is community approximately fifty miles Northwest of Washington, DC with a population of 42,000 residents. The average age of Leesburg residents is 33 years old and they desire parks and activities to continue making this a desirable community. The Parks and Recreation Department has excelled in providing the community nice parks and recreation activities, and twice earned the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in the Field of Park and Recreation Management (Leesburg, 2015). The Parks and Recreation Department supports 16 active and passive parks covering approximately 400 acres and including such facilities as playgrounds, picnic pavilions,
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The department also looks to creating a comprehensive and environmentally responsible park system while utilizing sustainable growth management planning and administer sound maintenance practices to ensure safe, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing amenities. The department goal is to cultivate a work environment that develops, empowers, and recognizes staff and operate the parks and facilities in an efficient manner while striving for fiscal self-sufficiency through sound business practices.
Budget Overview
Parks and Recreation Department’s budget has increased 3.3% from the 2014 initial budget. This budget is maintaining the town’s current parks and recreation assets. The budget information can be found in the Town of Leesburg FY 2015 adopted budget and FY 2014 – 2019 Capital Improvement Program (Leesburg, 2015).
Financial Summary, Revenue and Expenditures
Parks and Recreation Department’s budget is almost $7.8 million which funds the recreation division, Parks division, and the Park and Recreation Administration division. Most of the funding, $4.9 million, for Parks and Recreation Department is expected to come from residents that utilize the services being provided. The additional $2.9 million of funding required in the 2015 budget is coming
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