The Operating Budget For The Department Of Parks And Parks

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The Operating Budget for the Department of Parks and Recreations
Leesburg, Virginia is community approximately fifty miles Northwest of Washington, DC with a population of 42,000 residents. The average age of Leesburg residents is 33 years old and they desire parks and activities to continue making this a desirable community. The Parks and Recreation Department has excelled in providing the community nice parks and recreation activities, and twice earned the National Gold Medal Award for Excellence in the Field of Park and Recreation Management (Leesburg, 2015). The Parks and Recreation Department supports 16 active and passive parks covering approximately 400 acres and including such facilities as playgrounds, picnic pavilions, multi-use paths and open space. The Department also operates a recreation center that supports a tennis center, aquatic center, indoor basketball, racquetball courts, and state of the art fitness center. In addition to the indoor facilities the department supports an athletic complex, soccer/lacrosse fields, a skating park and a dog park. Parks and Recreations offer over 3,000 recreation programs this last year, which include programs for all ages. Additionally, the town of Leesburg supports over 370 acres of parkland for the outdoor adventurer.
The Parks and Recreation Departments mission is to providing high quality programs, parks, and facilities to meet the diverse recreational needs of all Leesburg residents. The department’s…

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