The Operating Budget For The Virginia Department Of Transportation

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The Operating Budget for the Virginia Department of transportation An operating budget is a detailed projection of all estimated income of what an organization expects to make and what it thinks its expenses will be based on forecasted sales revenue during a given period, typically one year. Every year, many organizations prepare an operating budget as it is an invaluable tool in the budget process as it helps the organization in its planning phase and serve as a roadmap for achieving the organization’s goal. The Virginia Department of Transportation also uses this process to to guide its policy and programmatic decisions.
Agency Introduction The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), as its name implies, is a governmental agency responsible for transportation in the state of Virginia. It was established in 1906 with the goal “to build and maintain safe, efficient, convenient systems that would bolster the economy and make travel in Virginia a rewarding and pleasant experience” (ctb. Since then, the VDOT has kept its objectives as it is still not only responsible for building, maintaining, and operating the roads, bridges, and tunnels, but for conducting numerous projects and studies to determine the needs, costs and impacts of proposed highway project across the State. The agency has nine highway districts which are divided into twenty-nine residencies and two district satellite offices responsible for one to four counties each, with its headquarter

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