The Operating System Of A Computer

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The Operating System of a computer. How does it work many say, what does it do other say. The operating system or some people in the world also call it the “OS,” which mean the same. The OS is the first program that gets installed and booted on to a new computer. The purpose of an operating system is so that the end-user can interact with the computer and hardware, helping him/her use the right software/apps needed depending on what operating system they are using. The OS helps you multi task on you PC, so you can run multiple software at the same time. The function of a operating system gives commands to the hardware and also tells how much resources to use from the hardware to complete the needed tasks. The OS manages all the connected hardware in your PC such as hard drives, a mouse, keyboard, displays a cursor on the screen which allows you to navigate threw the system much easier. Now a days we see fancy and colorful screens with a bunch of icons and windows that users use to help get around files and other programs assisting them to complete their daily tasks. The operating systems of the 21st century are easy to navigate because most operating systems now have a GUI which stands for Graphical User Interface, which allows users to see icons, windows, folders, files systems and much more instead of just a command line with black and white blinking text like back in the older days. For example, lets say you want to transfer your pictures from your smartphone to you
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