The Operational Challenges And Solutions

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This report has been prepared to analyze the operational challenges and solutions such as controlling the operations systems, its design and planning of Domino’s Pizza LLC.Also the theoretical framework which have been applied to evaluate the company’s operational problems in terms of it product and service offering. While the report considers Dominos LLC‟s total strategy, it also look in to the daily operations of Dominos DPG franchises. The report is a result of research, case study analysis, and application of theoretical concepts, models and prior experience. The study evaluates how Dominos faces performance challenges with the competitors. The store and production layout, that causes safety and health hazard for employees of Dominos. The lack of the proper GPS Navigation system by the Drivers, resulting in delay in the deliveries. We use performance matrix to evaluate and improve the performance of Dominos and suggest the areas of improvement and recommendations. We also propose a new layout and change in the existing layout and production process to reduce safety and health hazard. At last we identifying the areas where it need improvement on the existing strategy frame work, and report the major process changes and make recommendations which can be incorporated in order to ensure further operational efficiency and that way maximizing the company profit and raise the value of its offering. 2.0 Background Information The problem addressed in this paper is about the
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