The Operational Efficiency Of A Solar Powered Uhf Rfid Tag

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NAME: KAVIYA BAIJU THOPPIL ID: 110223640 Problem definition - from Assignment 1 What is the operational efficiency of a solar-powered UHF RFID tag? 1. Literature Review Exercise Over the years, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) has evolved tremendously overtaking all the other wireless modes of data transfer and identification technologies. It has a huge advantage over the barcode technology, some of which are additional information storage capacity, a line of sight detection is not required and so on. Barcodes also have the disadvantage of being harder to detect during broad sunlight or some other factors like being smudged or when printed on certain substrates. (R.Want, 2006). Hence, RFID is used…show more content…
As a consequence, passive RFID tags are used for far-field emissions. Here we concentrate on solar-powered UHF RFID tags which mainly help reader independent operations like sensing, data logging, computation and other functions. One method of powering passive tag by solar energy is by giving it as a supplementary power source because it otherwise displays poor read ranges and cannot run its own circuitry. Hence necessary DC power is derived from the panels and converted to the frequency usable by the tag. This new signal is forwarded to the tag antenna which when combined with the reader signal would increase the read range. (Ferdous, Reza, & Siddiqui, 2016) Few other designs for solar-powered UHF RFID mentioned in the conference paper (Sample et al., 2011) are: RFID IC antennas have solar cells(powerfilim SP3-37) incorporated on it will be a low-cost reduced size structure. However, they are not continually available and hence this design can only demonstrate the RF antennas performance with no information about the effects of supply of a large amount of power to a tag. The second design rectifies this drawback by using Intel Lab’s open source WISP 4.1 Platform. Unlike the first design, this one can expose the unregulated power supply pin so to augment the tag’s power source. However, the read range is considerably small and because of the variation in the input impedance, it will require a different antenna design. There are many evolving designs about expanding

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