The Operations Management At Commerce Bank

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“Bank fees. Few words evoke consumer vitriol faster. Dissatisfaction with escalating checking and ancillary fees for banking services is making competition for customer loyalty in retail banking especially high. Research shows that great service can play a key role in customer retention throughout these changes in fee structures” (Logan, 2012). The financial industry is an integral part of the country’s financial system. Banking centers provides consumers with the resources to be able to secure, save, and manage their balances. The bottom line is that banks provide products that are analogous to its competitors; however, the differentiation that denotes the industry leaders and lags in this industry is method used for the service is being rendered to consumers. Therefore, we will discuss and evaluate the operations management at Commerce Bank. We will start by discussing the reasons why Commerce may no longer be fulfilling its operational potential for finding innovative means for surpassing organization objectives. The paper will outline the common constraints and common goals to improve the business model. Furthermore, the problems and issues within the customer relationship initiative and prospective solutions to these issues will be reviewed. We will identify the existing problems through data and propose recommendations. Background When founded in 1973 by Vernon Hill, the owner was determined to create a bank that was distinctive, citing that the world “did not need

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