The Opinion Of Charter Schools

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As I began working on this essay, my first step was to google charter school news articles. One of the first two articles that I came across was from a well known conservative news source. The other was published in a prominent outlet for liberal news. I was amazed at the polar opposite views that the two sources had on the subject and decided to see if this dichotomy continued in other news outlets as well. I then looked up a ranking of various news sources as liberal or conservative. I visited websites with varying political views and read articles that they had composed about charter schools and their effects. Throughout my process of examining the media’s opinion of charter schools I came across a clear divide. The liberal media is wholeheartedly opposed to charter schools whereas the conservative media views them as the only saving grace for our failing school system. These opinions on charter schools are very closely tied to the overall world view of our two major political parties. Both sides agree that our school system is struggling and needs to be improved in some way. However, they differ in how this should be done. The only thing that the two sides seem to truly agree on is the framing of children as very vulnerable and susceptible to damage done to them by a failing school system. One of the main conservative political platforms is that free markets are the best answer to any problem. Schooling is no exception. An education system with
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