The Opinions On Marijuana Legalization

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Richie Adamson
Ms. Royce
6 April 2015
The opinions on marijuana
I’m sure you have your own opinion on the legalization of marijuana. Whether it being you are ok with it being legalized or if your totally against it. Or you could just not care. But if you do care you should probably keep reading. If you don’t like the use of marijuana I’m sure you have a good reason for it. If you don’t I hope I can give you a reason to think it’s not so harmful.
The first thing were going to talk about is the things that go into marijuana to give you a better idea of it if you don’t already know. Also the different ways that people use this substance. They either roll it up in a hand rolled cigar and this is called a (“joint”). They also use (“bongs”) or (“pipe”) but the most common way is through joint form. If you didn’t know what a bong was, a bong is a filtration device used for smoking cannabis. And a pipe is a device where you shove the cannabis is a hole and you light the end of the piece and inhale.
Now that you know some of the ways that it is taken you have a better understanding and know what you’re looking at if you didn’t already know. We should talk about some of the chemicals in marijuana. One of the main chemicals in this drug is (“THC”). And if you didn’t know what THC is it’s a chemical in the drug that’s supposed to give you that (“high”) feeling. But there is also other drugs that is supposed to give y9ou the same feeling that is still legalized in ever stated in…

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