The Opium Cultivation Of Opium

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From the ancient Egyptians to Alexander the Great to World War II medics, the opium poppy has been used for its unmatched pain relieving qualities. Opium is the juice extracted from the opium poppy. It contains alkaloids such as morphine and codeine. These alkaloids carry intense analgesic (painkilling) capabilities but also contain intense euphoria and addictive qualities. Opium has analgesic qualities, which are second to none, however, because of its addictive qualities it is pertinent that doctors find an alternative to opioid drugs and prevent further addiction problems. I chose to write about Opium in my final paper because of its cloaked prevalence in today’s society. Americans use opium alkaloids every day. I personally was prescribed an opioid (Vicodin) after I got my wisdom teeth removed. Although it proved highly effective in relieving my pain, I felt more of euphoria than I did pain relief. Had I been permitted unlimited refills, it is likely I would still be taking them currently. The history of Opium dates as far back as 3400 BC. This means Opium has been noticed and used for over 5000 years. Alexander the Great distributed the opium to his massive armies to relieve wounded soldiers and induce courage in those capable of fighting. Alexander was in an ideal location where he had access to large amounts of the plant. In order to thrive, Opium needs a dry arid climate. It is easiest to grow in the Middle East and Southern Asia. The area where opium is grown
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