The Opportunities And Challenges Facing Small And Medium Sized Enterprises

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A popular method when internationalising is to use an alliance or joint venture. Critically evaluate the opportunities and challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises

Student name: Jui Yi Kung (Gabrielle)
Student ID:S1439922
Luxury Brand Management


Nowadays, more and more firms have shown interest in international business and it is still an expanding field of research today. In addition, many small and medium sized enterprises are trying to integrate into the world economy so that they are able to get more frequent opportunities in the global market. In order to analyze this research, this thesis will focus on the opportunities and challenges facing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) which aim to become international firms. When looking at becoming an international business, there are two popular methods that are used, which is to form an alliance or become part of a joint venture. Therefore, this essay will also critically evaluate which method is highly efficient and feasible when looking at those two paths. Following the information provided I aim to give the reader a deeper understanding regarding the importance of small and medium sized enterprises. More, in this essay I will use one of the designer’s brands “victim fashion street” as a base example to analyze how a local brand can be helped into the global market, as well as use theoretical perspectives to analyze the impact of the internationalisation of small…
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