The Opportunities Of Teaching For Nursing Higher Education

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Abstract This work paper 's objective is to show, as it has been found, in practice, the opportunities of teaching in nursing higher education and how is has successfully made the transition from many nurses in practice to seek a teaching role. According to the studies carried out so far, here we are trying different types of designation of teachers, educational qualifications required for teaching, considerations to take a faculty position, starting from the positions easier to learn about the environment of academic work and development opportunities offered. We pointed out as an important aspect that is needed for the transition from clinical practice settings to the academic world, paying special attention to the essential skills…show more content…
It is important to mention that. The nursing investigation is a emerging discipline that proposals a great deal of chance for discovery, and revolution in the work. All this is certainly very attractive in order to encourage new students to join this exciting world of nursing. Today nurses excel in this world of health care. It is importantly to see that more than any other healthcare profession, nurses are best proper to observe and regulate treatments, medications, and still habits for patients. They can see not only the technical and medical conclusions but also the human results of treatment, or the disturbing behaviors that may leader to the need for treatment. This quantified position, nursing research can offer particular visions and findings that other healthcare research are capacity to failure. We know different roles of the nurse, such as Coordinator, Communicator, Teacher, Counselor, Manager, Leader, Team player, Motivator, Delegator, Critical thinker, Innovator, Researcher,Advocate. I think is important when we see the nursing situation, we can understand that there are many differences that connecting a leader and a manager. Frequently while a manager is something that has been given, or delegated authority
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