The Opportunities and Limitations in Using a Single Camera Essay

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The Opportunities and Limitations in Using a Single Camera In the early days of film making the director would not have the choice of using the multi-camera setups and editing suites that we have today. He or she would have just one camera to shoot all the shots needed and then when it came to the editing process, all the shots would need to be selected, the different frames sliced apart, and spliced back together in the desired order. As you can imagine this was a time consuming process, and although this appeared to be a big limitation on some television genre's at the time such as sit-com and live broadcasts, it allowed the film industry to flourish. The use of the single camera drew the director into a more creative role…show more content…
This is a great time saving device, allowing more of the action to be packed into the show, but also offers great creative ideas, especially for mystery and crime films where suspense can be created by not knowing what's lurking around the next corner. Casting for a film is very important, as you need the right people to act the roles that the director has in his head, but a good actor also needs to be quite patient concentrated and rehearsed, for shots have to be repeated many times. One of the problems of multi-camera techniques is that it's not portable. You can not enter peoples' homes and setup a full 6 or seven camera studio, its just not practical or cost effective. This is certainly not a problem of single camera techniques, allowing much increased accessibility, but with it comes an increased responsibility towards the law, both in assuring the health and safety of the crew and any member of public whose facilities are being used for the shoot, and any legal issues that need to be cleared up in pre-production. A full risk assessment of all considered sets to ensure that the proper facilities are present and the lives of any crew member is not at risk, i.e. there must be a fire extinguisher and a first aid box, any gas fires need to have been certified within the last 12 months, etc. One

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