The Opposition Of Dalai Lama

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This paper analysis the arguments of Dalai Lama. He is one of the proponents of pluralism in religion. He has a supremely forbearing view of other faiths. Many consider him as a person who encourages love and compassion in humanity. Many believe that Dalai Lama promoted pluralism rather than Buddhism as the “best” faith. Many believe that Dalai Lama is the only Tibetan who celebrates actively the great diversity that different faiths provide. Despite the fact that many tend to consider Dalai Lama as a pluralist, this work will argue that Dalai Lama was a Buddhist and that like any other Buddhists; he values his religion more than other religions. The analysis would be based on thesis statement that despite the fact that
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This shows that he really wanted all people, irrespective of their systems to show love and compassion rather to engage in divisive religious doctrines. He also considers it wrong to try to change people. This is because converting people may enable one only succeed in weakening faith but may not manage to convince them of validity of the new one. Because of this, Lama believe that compassionate practice can enable both the practitioners and those around them to be more loving and more content. Because of this, he claims that all religions can enhance compassion. According to him, if people follow their own faiths as sincerely and truthfully as possible, they would surely become compassionate and loving as possible.
Another objection that may show that Lama was not a monoist is that the interview shows that he perceives all religions as being concerned with the disciplining the mind and enhancing peace, morality and ethics.
In addition, the interview shows that Lama believes that love and compassion, which is the goal of any religious system, have the same goals or purpose irrespective of the religion. For example, when a Buddhist has love, the same love would be the same as the love a Christian have. So if all people have love, then there will be no distinction between Buddhism and Christianity and that all will be one.
Another objection that Lama could be a monoist rather than a
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