The Opposition Of Theatre As An Art Form That Has Been Revered By All Civilizations

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Opposition to Theatre Theatre is an art form that has been revered by all civilizations. It is one of the oldest and most popular forms of art. In order to stay at the forefront of modern culture theatre has had to endure much opposition. Changing times and changing interests of the world have been reflected in theatrical advances. One of the biggest challenges facing theatre in the United States today is the challenge of funding. In a world that becomes increasingly filled with new forms of entertainment it is difficult for theatre and art to continue to earn their relevance. In order for any form of art or entertainment to be truly captivating there must be some level of edginess. An example of this is the popular television series titled Game of Thrones. This show is noted for its scenes of violence, sexual perversion, and foul language. The shows edginess is a strong contributor to the shows immense success. Shows like this are a difficult opponent for theatre in the realm of entertainment. Censorship has had a definite impact on theatre. The name Lord Chamberlain is linked to thoughts of over necessary censorship and the destruction of some great plays. He held the office of stage censor in Britain in the early 1900s. One such play that was altered by Lord Chamberlain’s office was entitled Her Wedding Night. This play was licensed by Lord Chamberlin’s office but under the condition that certain changes be made. As strict as Chamberlin’s office was the censorship was

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