The Opposition to Polish Immigrants in the US

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Reflective Essay Introduction Triggering Event: Immigrants in the United States from Polish ethnicity have not been warmly received in many instances, and in fact immigrants from Poland often struggle with issues like language and legal status. While much of the focus of the news media zeros in on the issues and problems related to immigrants crossing the border from Mexico, there are other immigrants like those from Poland that also have their problems and issues. As a result of the problems many Polish immigrants experience, there seems to be a movement wherein many of these immigrants are returning to Europe. Transition Paragraph Thesis: I have first hand knowledge of these issues and problems that confront Polish immigrants because I am an immigrant from Poland. I personally have struggled with the language (English), with some discriminating actions against me, with my own status in the United States, and I fully realize that without an education I will be like many Polish immigrants and return to Europe where conditions and benefits are better for me. Moreover, the economy in the United States is in a downturn and that has negatively impacted immigrants from many parts of the world, including Poland. In Poland, I will not have to be embarrassed by assertions that Polish immigrants don't pay taxes, or don't deserve a good job because they are not native born Americans. Reflection Essay Brief History of Polish People in 20th Century Europe "Despite being a

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