The Oppression Of Animals

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For centuries, the circus has always been advertised as a fun-filled event for everyone to enjoy. Because of the silly, fun-filled antics displayed by every acrobat, clown, and animal, most visitors do not question the circus’s background or what happens when the Big Top closes. Only recently have the atrocities against animals come to light, and the truth is very depressing. The reality is that all animals in a circus environment are being forced to perform against their will out of fear: fear of being beaten, whipped, muzzled, or starved. Now that the truth is out, it is up to the public to do what is right and not support such a cruel institution.
When people say circus, one of the first images that come to mind are elephants. The Ringling Brothers Circus has always been famed for their elephants being especially well trained. How do they train them? They “break” them—which is to oppress
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Lions and Tigers, who are used to running, hunting, and roaming are forced into small, barren cages for hours and hours on end without any stimulation whatsoever. Their only relief is for performances where they are whipped and forced to jump through rings of fire, which all Tigers are absolutely terrified of. Cats who do not comply with the trainers’ wishes are beaten and deprived of food. Circuses can get away with atrocities such as these because no agency keeps them accountable. They also do not take into account the animals’ natural behaviors. Tigers are solitary creatures but are forced into groups which often results in fights among the animals. Lions are used to roaming all day but in a circus they are kept in small cages constantly so their only time of exercise is for performances. (“This is Why”.) Cubs are separated form their mothers at an early age to make them dependent on humans and to not rely on their natural instincts. Circuses don’t take the animals’ well being into account which is why they should be
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