The Oppression Of Girls And Women By Alice Munro

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The Oppression of Women in Lives of Girls and Women Women today have unprecedented rights and opportunities. We can vote, get a job, be a boss, be a mother, and the list continues. The roles women once had have drastically changed; however, there is no doubt that today women still face inequality. The novel Lives of Girls and Women by Alice Munro is set in the small Ontario town of Jubilee in 1940s. The main character is a young woman named Del who narrates her upbringing. The novel expresses many feminist views, and the prominent characters are mostly female. The modern views of what a female is or the rights she should have are not yet established. The theme of the novel is the distorting effects that a women’s oppression has on their sexual identity and ideas of what sex is. The three most prominent examples in the text are Del’s mother’s abuse from her brother, Del’s experience with Mr. Chamberlain, and Del’s relationship with Garnet. Each of these relationships shows how the oppression they faced limited either Del or another female character,in her development and opportunities and tarnished or distorted her views on sexuality and how a woman should behave. First, Del’s mother’s sexual identity and her perspective of sex changed drastically after being abused by her brother. Del’s mother is arguably the most prominent feminist influence Del has in the novel. She is quite modern in her ideas, actions and attitudes, completing school and getting her own job selling

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