The Oppression Of Women During The Nineteenth Century Essay

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The Oppression of Women in the Nineteenth Century

Oppression has been a tactic used for thousands of years in order to conquer, enslave, and control those who are different from the social norm. But one group that has been and continues to be oppressed is women. Women make up half of the population and yet men were able to manipulate their lives and create a society that prevented them from being treated fairly and equally, a problem many still face today. The male dominated society that has been present for centuries can be seen entirely throughout the nineteenth century. The unhealthy dynamic between men and women can be seen in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, and Margaret Fullers Woman in the Nineteenth Century. Not only did the oppression of women present itself in literature of the time period, but it also emerged through clothing, seen in both stories and in real life. The mistreatment and misconceptions men had and continue to have about women can be shown within the literature, clothing styles, and dynamic between men and women of the nineteenth century. The relationship dynamic between men and women in the nineteenth century was patriarchal, male dominated. Men were seen as physically stronger, but inferior to women morally. This led women to play the domestic roles within a relationship and household, someone who took care of house chores and children. The men would slowly begin commuting to their work places, where they would make money to support
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