The Oppression Of Women Throughout Geek Love

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The oppression of women throughout Geek Love leads to the destruction of the Binewski family, their beloved Fabulon, and many other lives. Just as soon as the story begins we see how Al first viewed his now wife. In a time of need, Lil offers to stand in as the geek for his show. Al, in telling his children the tale, admits his mind immediately leapt to the poster possibilities. He goes on to explain that Lil’s legs would certainly draw a crowd, as if her body brining in money is what truly mattered to him. In the early years Al serves as the main male role model for Oly and her siblings. Al often shows a disregard for women, and sees little more than profit. While none of the men employed by the Fabulon are required to wear any type of uniform, all women regardless of their position are required to have red hair. The women are forbidden from being seen in public without their trademark hair. The women are almost always referred to as Red, as if their names or personalities do not even matter. Lil once had big dreams of living under the carnival lights and being a star in her own right, but her children only see her as the dotting mother and wife. During the pregnancies that Lil endured she became dependent on the experimental drugs Al supplied and as a result dependent on him. Lil spends her days cooking and sewing under the big lights, but never again truly runs the Fabulon. The drugs, or her grief keep her from morning the loss of her children, and she spends her

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